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Rental Inspections

Our rental property inspections detail the property thoroughly, with an eye for issues that can be especially detrimental to landlords and renters. We check for any damages with an emphasis on issues that can become potential hazards.Your inspector will look for presence of asbestos, a common health hazard especially in older properties. They will also look for water leakage, damp problems, and mould or conditions that could lead to mould.

Our rental property inspectors assess your property for potential safety hazards for occupants including:

  • Electrical shorts and issues
  • Fire hazards
  • Gas leak hazards
  • Dangers related to heating systems
  • Structural instability
  • Fall and injury hazards

A rental inspection is extremely important for landlords. Ideally the inspection would take place before the space is occupied, to reduce tenant risk. Having a rental property assessed for safety and maintenance prevents a plethora of future issues. Without a documented inspection, landlords are open to loss and litigation should a tenant be injured. Landlords can often be found at fault for property issues. Even if they are unaware of a structural hazard, they will be faulted for neglecting their responsibility to tenant safety. An inspection allows safety hazards to be addressed before an occupant comes to harm.

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What we inspect during an inspection

  • Building Structures

  • Cleanliness of rooms

  • Carpets

  • Walls & Paint

  • Ceilings & Vents

  • Showers, Baths & Toilets

  • Heating Appliances

  • Owned Appliances

  • Electric & Gas

  • Woodwork

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