Our Pricing Rates

We know that you want to get the most out of your money without compromising the inspection of your building. That’s why we seek to provide you with the best value in our inspections so that you can be sure that you’re safe and won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in the future to fix up a serious problem.

As we walk around your property, we will keep track of any issues that we find. Our comprehensive reports will be sent to you later, showing you any potential building defects, possible future problems related to the environment and weather, and determining the overall condition of the property.

If you look around at the property, you may wonder if you need an inspection at all. Some properties look to be in top condition with no visible problems, but trust our inspectors to combat even unseen issues. They will ensure that any unseen problems will not get worse over time at a fair price.

Usually, our building and pest inspections start at $399. If you ask us to use our thermal camera, it will only be $449 total. You can also get only a building inspection for $380 if you don’t want to do the pest inspection at the same time, but ask us specific questions for your property when you chat with us.

You may just need a building inspection if you’ve had a pest inspection done recently, or are certain that the safety issues in your home aren’t pest related (although you can never be too safe and we would always recommend a combined inspection). Our building inspectors are trained to search in places that regular people would overlook, revealing any problems your property might have hidden away in their detailed property reports.

You can get a building inspection for $380 if you don’t want to do the pest inspection at the same time, but ask us specific questions for your property when you chat with us for our recommendation on what service you should opt for.

When you call us in to check out pests, you may be wondering what the cost will be as one of our inspectors looks under the roof and around the property for pests. Let us worry about the pests for you, and don’t worry too much about the cost as we work. It’s our goal to keep all of our pricing fair while still doing a complete search of your property.

Our pest inspections involve checking even the smallest areas in your property. We’ll head on outside to see if there are any major openings for pests to get in, or if there are pests underneath your property. Once inside your property, we’ll head on up to common pest areas, like the roof and basement. Ask us about what we’ve found while our inspectors are on site, and check out the comprehensive report we send you to see all the specifics.

Just because you can’t see the pests doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous to the future of your property. Termites and other bugs can ruin the structure of your place of your place over time, so don’t trust in just a cursory inspection of your property.

For $330, we will check out all areas where we know pests like to hide. You can even get a combined building and pest inspection for only $399, or just stick to the pest inspection if you’d like. Rely on us to give you great service for a good price.

You’re renting a property, or looking at a rental property to live in yourself. That means that you’ll want to get one of our inspectors in your property to be sure that it’s safe for you or for anyone else who may live there. We know you may not want to spend the extra money just to inspect a rental, but we’re committed to giving you a proper inspection at a fair price so that you won’t break the bank trying to make sure you’re safe.

Our rental inspections involve everything a normal building or property inspection would involve, including checking the structure, keeping an eye out for any damage or defects, and making sure that there are no hidden issues that may turn into future problems. We will check out the rental property or apartment, but don’t worry about us charging you too much.

We’re committed to a fair price for our services, at $300 for a full inspection. For just this price in the beginning, you can relax knowing that there won’t be any future issues that cost you even more money in your rental. Talk to us about specific rental properties and how our inspectors might be able to work with your property.

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If you’d like to learn more about our building inspection services, give us a call on 0400 000 000 or fill out the contact form below. We would be more than happy to talk with you about getting someone out to inspect your home and how we can help fulfil your specific needs.