New Solar Panel Styles Coming Into The Market In 2019

Solar panels have been a great innovation for several years now and as time goes by more and more people are switching and even combining their current electricity plans with solar power to save up on money. In the even that there is an outage from your primary source, solar power can be a great back up source of electricity. One of the main things about solar power that people were not too kindly fond about was the simplicity, bulkiness and commonness that it had as well as the efficiency. Time has gone buy though and things have change, as of now in 2019 there are several different new types and styles of solar panels which have made solar power a lot better, innovative and attractive.

New Ideas For Solar Panels

A lot of the solar panels we know are basically placed in an open field or on top of buildings in order to get sunlight by having them facing upwards as this was basically the best way for them to work. As the years went by there have been innovative ideas and applied technology to make the way solar panels work more efficient in collecting more, converting more leading to a better supply of electricity. Instead of the basic rooftop solar panels or field solar panels that you may have commonly seen most of the time, there are now different designs and places for you to install your solar panels.

Frameless Solar Panels

Many have found that the frames on the solar panels ruin the appearance and cause the solar panels to make wherever they install seem very dull. The lack of design has made it something people don’t enjoy looking but now there are frameless solar panels. Instead of the common and dull looking solar panel, frameless solar panels are available to be used as an easier to look at design which is achieved by basically sandwiching the solar cells between two pieces of glass. This can be used for several designs for both home and public.

Transparent Solar Panels

One of the most unique designs yet, the transparent or clear solar panels bring solar power to a whole new level by combining its usefulness with style allowing more than simple designs via installation to be done. This makes the solar panels more attractive and more durable due to the way they are built making them sturdy and good for matching the buildings they are being placed on. Solar windows are now coming into topic and there will soon be more architectural and home designs which will be using clear solar panels due to the effectiveness and unique style they have.

Tesla Solar Tiles

Going for a different design which caught the attention of many people, the tesla solar tiles became a very interesting and shocking innovation. Instead of using the common solar power designs and equipment, the Tesla Solar tiles offer a unique and different appearance. Instead of the common solar panel design these come in the form of roof tiles that actually retain or have the similar appearance to your ordinary roof design, making it blend in and appear ordinary. The designs come from the simplest to elegant ones which go well with any home or commercial setup.

Designed Solar Skins

To make solar panels less dull, solar skins have been inventing to cover the panels in order to improve their appearance while maintaining their efficiency. The solar skins are thin films which have been coated with special ultra-durable graphics which are then integrated onto solar panels for high efficiency. Due to the way the solar skin is manufactured it still filters sunlight efficiently regardless of how it may appear. This allows you to have your solar panels remain elegant and still stay efficient at the same time.

Solar Panels with Double Sides

Double-sided solar panels are built with two sides allowing each to absorb sunlight giving it the ability of absorbing from each side and mainly allowing the opposite of the main side to absorb sunlight from reflections around it. Such technology becomes useful to maximize the energy output by getting as much sunlight as possible and with the addition of reflected sunlight, output is greatly increased. Most people would paint colors that can easily reflect sunlight to maximize the use of double-side solar panels which can become very convenient in the long run.

Built-In Inverters

As a way to save money and time when installing, solar panels with built-in, attachable or pre-attached inverters are coming to the market. This makes it easier and faster for the solar panels to produce electricity without the reliance on several or long connections. It seems to be a minor change but it in fact is a very innovational idea that has made this technology very useful, increasing the efficiency of the solar panels.


Technology advances the more time goes by and with it the ways they have designed and innovated solar panels has improved greatly over the years. A lot of different styles of solar panels are now available, each with their own benefits and perks. Keeping a heads up on the latest styles will allow you to choose which one would be best suited for you if you plan on having a solar panel system set up. With a lot of designs and styles to choose from, adding a solar power system to your home or building can shouldn’t take too long as you can easily figure out which one you will need and want the most.


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