The Importance of Electrical Inspections

Fortunately, an increasing number of home buyers have come to realise that a home inspection will protect your investment when buying a home. Both new and old constructions should inspected for an independent review, as it will ensure the safety of the construction, thus the safety of your family.

When it comes to appliances and electrical systems, any malfunctions can be a hazard to your family’s safety. A building & environmental inspection helps ensure that electrical ground systems are functioning like intended and not wasting energy.

Electric Panel Inspection – Photovoltaic Power Systems, Electric Panel Ampacity, Voltage Measurement

First of all, a home inspection is a visual examination of the property premises, aiming to check systems, components, appliances, structures and installations that might pose a threat to your well-being. It is conducted by a certified home inspector who has the requisite training and expertise to determine when something is wrong.

With a building inspection, the quality of service is mostly based in the training and experience of the service professional, so it is essential that you employ reputable professionals to get the job done well. An inspection covers a broad spectrum of systems. First, the licensed home inspector will likely evaluate the exterior, meaning he will begin to scrutinise the doors, windows, exterior walls, roof and waterproofing, gutters and more, noting details about their condition.

Still, the home inspection will also focus extensively on internal systems, from the basement all the way up to the attic. Along the way, the home inspector may detect several issues, and he may warn you about grounding, circuitry, receptacles, wiring and light fixtures.

Hire Licensed Electricians to Inspect and Maintain Your Electrical System

The electrical wiring and fixtures in a home need to be checked at least once a year, in order to make sure there are no faulty wiring or electrical hazards that can pose safety risks. It may be somewhat more expensive, but if you consider the repair costs in case of a wiring-related accident it will come out as far less.

Switches, outlets and sockets are the most overworked devices in an electrical system. Switches are turned on and off each and every day, while outlets may have several appliances plugged in at a time. Due to the constant use, these devices get worn out or damaged over time, so a routine inspection for wear and faulty wiring should be done to ensure safety and proper functionality. The misuse of lighting fixtures can lead to electrical mishaps.

Airconditioners are generally the highest ticket item in a home which can break – so ensuring these are installed correctly are essential for long term function. Choose the appropriate airconditioner for your homes available power to avoid overloading your circuits.

For instance, many people mistakenly use a 100-watt light bulb in a 60-watt socket, which can make the fixture extremely hot, melt the wires and start a fire. Before screwing in a light bulb, make sure the correct wattage is used in the appropriate light socket.

Proper maintenance of your electrical system will allow an electrical expert to inspect your wiring, see if there are wires that are loose, burned or un-insulated and repair or replace them as required. Also, if you plan to purchase a home entertainment system or a computer, the technician will recommend additional wiring and circuit breakers to accommodate the extra electrical load.

Keep in mind that most electrical wiring is hidden from view, making problems hard to spot. Generally, homeowners are not even aware of the potential electrical hazards lurking behind their walls and ceilings, so make sure you hire a qualified electrical specialist to check their safety and reliability before they become a real danger.

Pests can also cause significant issues with electrical wiring – Alex Winters from notes that the most common reason for shorting electrical supply in the Hills is from the abundant possum populations, which will chew and secrete urine on wiring which they build nests on to gain heat in the colder winter months.

You may know some electrical basics and have some voltage measurement or other electrical tools, but hiring professionals with updated license will ensure that electrical problems are addressed accordingly by a certified electrical expert.

Inspecting the Electrical Ground System for Faults – Hazards Guide

The electrical ground system at a building provides an easy path for electricity to flow to earth if a problem (a short circuit, for instance) should occur. Allowing current to flow to earth through the electrical ground system helps assure that a circuit breaker with trip or fuse will blow should a problem occur.

Properly operating such over-current devices help prevent fire and shock. If an electrical fault would occur where no ground path is present, the electrical potential would just sit there and when someone would touch some component of the system he/she would provide a path to earth through their body, thus receiving a burn or potentially fatal shock.

Getting a professional to inspect your electrical panel is essential, not just for energy savings purposes but, more importantly, for the safety and reliability of the wiring. Whether you have solar energy systems, low voltage wiring , protection systems or other, an electric panel inspection should be conducted regularly in order to check for corrosion in electrical panels, aluminium wire hazards, corrosion protection, leak detection, battery voltage measurement, roof and waterproofing issues that may damage the wiring etc.

A professional technician will thoroughly inspect your electrical panel and electrical ground system, provide a hazards guide and a detailed report.

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