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Building & Pest Inspections

Our building and pest inspections are a combined service that details prospective properties inside and out. When we look at the building, we inspect the structure for any damages or defects. We inspect for damp, leaks, cracks and weaknesses from the sub floor to roof interior and exterior.

Our inspectors will also ensure any other structures on the property, such as garden sheds, have no damage. We check over any potential leak sites, as well as water hammer and pressure. Even small indicators can lead to larger future problems. We verify absence of wood rot, fungi and pests such as wood borers. We also inspect for evidence of termites and previous termite treatments.

Without an expert inspection you could be stuck with costly future repairs. Many property issues are easily hidden and missed. Rising damp, small defects, and environments attractive to pests often exist without obvious signs.

Purchasing a property that has defects can turn a dream home into a nightmare. Without inspection you could become one of the 20% of homeowners dealing with pest damage. Termite damage doesn’t just make a mess. It also causes structural damage that quickly becomes a safety hazard. Frames, retaining walls, railings, and any timber fixtures can deteriorate from pest damage.

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What we inspect during an inspection

  • Leaking showers or baths/wet areas

  • Water heating units

  • Water hammer/Water pressure issues

  • Active water leaks

  • Leaking roofs/Damaged roof plumbing

  • Defective guttering

  • External drainage issues

  • Rising & Penetrating damp

  • Salt damp

  • Damp proof courses

  • Main structural elements

  • Structural damage and issues

  • Flooring damage/issues

  • Subfloor ventilation

  • Potential safety hazards

  • Potential fire hazards

  • Safety switches

  • Smoke detectors

  • Appliance/lighting compliance

  • Pest infestations

  • Tree root damage

  • Property fencing

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