25 Spring Cleaning Tips

A home should be clean, neat and tidy for us to be comfortable and there are a lot of chores to do to make sure everything is in order. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and more all need a lot of work done but this can take up quite a bit of time trying to figure out the best ways to clean up. No need to worry as we have covered some tips to make cleaning your home easier. Here are 25 spring cleaning tips that you should take note of for a more efficient way of cleaning your home.

  1. Pick up Everything First

Before cleaning, its best to pick up everything and organize around so you don’t have to get hindered by objects that are in your way. This also helps focus easier on either mopping, wiping, brooming and such as there won’t be anything you need to pick up while doing these tasks.

  1. Lost and Found Storage

A lot of items get misplaced every now and then so it’s good to have something you can place them in until the time comes for you to organize and figure out where these objects should be placed.

  1. Determine What Usually Needs Cleaning

Usually there will be areas in your home that needs cleaning the most such as corners, behind doors and under furniture. Target these spots as one dirty area can spread faster than you think and its best to avoid any kind of build to up to maintain a clean home.

  1. Cleaning Equipment Storage

When it comes to cleaning your home, you want to make sure everything is in a place where you can find it and it’s much easier to have all your cleaning equipment stored somewhere such as a closet or a rack for you to access quickly. Having all your cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, dustpans and more in different places can take up time by having to find them and going around the place to get such equipment.

  1. Clean Under Furniture

Your furniture covers quite a lot of space and its best to always check in between them such as the spaces in couches as well as under them. You would be surprised what you might find aside from dust and dirt but probably some misplaced items as well.

  1. Get Those Corners

Always check the corners of your rooms as dust usually gets piled up and this can go unnoticed most of the time, especially when there is furniture or large appliances in such spots. Keep in mind that even small dirt or dust build up can later on increase if not handled.

  1. Reduce Dust

Dust easily builds up and usually increases over time and this can cause allergies and irritation. Get yourself a feather duster and dust off your household objects such as picture frames, decorations, windows and even electrical appliances such as televisions and monitors as the static can attract a lot of dust.

  1. Use The Right Broom

When it comes to sweeping up your floor you want to get a proper broom to use. Settle for a broom that won’t scratch your floor, is comfortable to the grip and that is made well so you can sweep even the smallest of dirt away.

  1. Keep Your Bedroom Organized

Comfort is important and your bedroom should always be neat and tidy as this not only makes it easier to find your things but it also gives you less to worry about. A lot of people find that having a well-organized room provides more comfort than a room with a bed that’s not made, objects that are out of place and a floor that has things lying around.

  1. Arrange Your Clothes

Save up time by arranging your clothes so you can find the clothes you want to wear so you don’t have to go through a lot which could lead to you tossing around and scattering clothes you need to move out of the way. Assorting your clothes makes it easier to grab what you need during times you need it.

  1. Provide A Laundry Basket

Instead of piling things on top of a washing machine or leaving clothes in a corner or another spot, have a laundry basket placed where clothes can simple be tossed in such as in the bathroom or laundry room. This makes it easier and more organized for you and your family when it comes to laundry days.

  1. Make Your Sinks Sanitized

Your sink may always be filled with dishwashing soap and cleansed with water but the truth is that it is actually one of the dirtiest places in your home. This is because of all the germs, leftovers and everything else that is washed off and wet places are usually susceptible to dirt, bacteria and even mould. Use a liquid or cleaning product to clean your sink at least once or twice a week to make sure you avoid spreading any germs or greasy residue when washing.

  1. Use Warm Water When Necessary

Although it would be good to save up the time and energy to that warm water need, using it when cleaning certain objects may prove more effective than others such as cleaning greasy dishes or glasses. This can save you the time of rewashing the same thing over and over again and conserve water usage.

  1. Cleaning Your Oven

An oven is considered the heart of your kitchen but take note that this can get dirty after a while so it’s best to clean this often. Either have a designated sponge or cloth for cleaning it or clean it last if you use one for most of your appliances as the oven can get pretty dirty and you should clean it last to avoid spreading anything to other appliances or surfaces you clean.

  1. Maintain Your Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher can be convenient but be sure to maintain its condition and cleanliness. Be sure to clean it every now and then as residue or small bits of food might get stuck around inside it. You can manually clean it or get a product to add inside and have it clean itself without dishes inside.


  1. Do More with Your Sink

Most people just use their sink when it’s time to wash dishes or clean hands, take time to leave your dishes, glasses, pans and other kitchen or dining objects to soak in soap for cleaning later. This can save you time and be considered a good process to do before finally washing them.

  1. Prevent Clogging

Sinks that get clogged can be a real problem and rather disgusting at times. You can buy products to apply that can be used to make sure objects don’t get stuck or tangled going through the space down to the pipes.

  1. Keep Plumbing Clean

Sinks and drainages go down pipes but these pipes sometimes get really dirty and there is a possibility of a build-up which can lead to slow passage of water and worse, foul odours. Get a product that can be applied so that the inside plumbing will have a good flow of water and will be clean.

  1. Disinfect Your Sponge

Sponges are used to clean several things, especially dishes so it’s best to make sure your sponge is always clean. Make sure to disinfect it and clean it properly to avoid spreading residue to other things you plan on cleaning and if the sponge has a bad odour or appears to not be able to be cleaned, then it’s time to get a new one.

  1. Organize Hygiene Essentials

Keep your hygiene essentials in order and well organized by having a container for your toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and such. This will make it easier to get what you need when you are cleaning up or taking a shower and provide you with a bathroom that is not messy.

  1. Keep Your Toilet Clean

Flushing a toilet is not good enough and no matter how many times you flush it there is always bacteria. Have products to disinfect and clean toilets around regularly to clean your toilet with to avoid the toilet getting stained and becoming populated with bacteria.

  1. Avoid Leaving Places Wet

Wet places can be a breeding ground for bacteria so it’s best to wipe your sinks, tables and other surfaces dry after cleaning them to make sure they keep dry and don’t provide bacteria with a place to build up. This will prevent germs from spreading and even the formation of mould in different places.

If you are cleaning your carpets, ensure you use a wet-dry vacuum so the carpet doesn’t remain damp and start growing bacteria/smells. If you do not have one you can otherwise use a carpet cleaning professional who can clean the carpet and ensure it’s left as dry as possible.

  1. Resort to Multitasking

Cleaning can be boring and dull at times so find something to do while cleaning such as talking to someone on the phone or listening to music. A good way to clean is to do multiple tasks at the same time such as using a dishwasher while cleaning up the dining table or running a washing machine before you take a shower to save up on time.

  1. Control Your Timing

If you are doing multiple chores in the house, using a timer such as ones that can be purchased or even timers on your mobile phone can be used as a reminder of what you need to do next or if time is up for one of your chores and you need to check up on them. This can get things done on time and help with multitasking.

  1. Clean Up Before Bed

Decide on taking a nice relaxing bath after cleaning your home last or before bed to make sure all you need to do after is rest. Taking a bath before cleaning will definitely result in you needing getting a bit dirty and you will need to clean up once more after.


There are a lot of chores to do and things we need to focus on when cleaning the place, we live so it’s best to resort to methods that can make cleaning more efficient. We can save a lot of time by following these tips and end up with a much cleaner home.





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