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The property you’ve found is beautiful. You’re already imagining yourself there, but before you put in your offer, you need to be sure of its condition. With our help, you can buy your next home in the Adelaide area confidently with a thorough building inspection. Our building inspection business is located locally in Adelaide, so you can rest assured that we know the area inside and out. No matter where you’re located in the metropolitan Adelaide area, you can give us a call to schedule a high-quality and professional inspection of your prospective home.

It’s our goal to give you peace of mind when you buy your property by providing you with an unbiased report of any potential problems, including termites, water damage, and more.

All of our building inspectors conduct themselves with professionalism at all times, working reliably and always keeping to schedule. They know exactly what issues to look for when they get on site, using their experience and the latest technology to spot even the smallest defects that may turn into problems in the future. This even includes using thermal imaging photography, which can spot issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We’ve been inspecting properties for years now, so rest assured that we know the ins and outs of every type of property. From checking older materials to keeping an eye on the way the supports in your property hold up, we know what to look for to be sure that you remain completely safe when you or your future tenants move in.

After they’re finished, our inspectors will prepare a Property Inspection Report summary with defect costs right on there. You can see exactly what needs to be fixed and how serious it is. Check out the price of any possible renovations, and take a look at the damage yourself with the detailed photos included in your report. All of the photographs will be high-quality and colored so that you get the full image of any property you’re considering. You will have everything you need to make an informed decision on your property before you buy, and will have it quickly too.

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We’ll try to get our report out to you on the same day as the inspection without charging you extra for the quick turnaround time. Even if you call us out on a weekend, we’ll work according to your schedule with a fast and streamlined process meant to meet the time constraints of your contract.

Our inspections can be arranged within 24 hours of being booked while our reports will be out to you by the next day at the latest. We know that you have to move quickly if you want your property, which is why we’re committed to working with you to get the inspection done both efficiently and completely according to you schedule. Don’t think that we’ll leave you right after we hand over our report either. Our inspectors will stay for a short consultation with you after the inspection so that you’re able to discuss any issues with them right away. Ask them how much repairs might cost and what were the most serious issues to be informed right away. Rest assured that this consultation is completely free too and will not add to the cost of the inspection in any way.

Our inspectors are trained to check everything in order to spot overlooked defects, and of course have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. They know that they’re doing, and will be more than happy to speak with you about your property and answer a few questions.All reports are in an easy to read format, but if you do have any trouble or just want clarification on a problem, it’s simple to ask. Our inspectors check over 300 points in your home to be sure that it’s completely safe, and certainly have the patience to answer any questions you might have about any of those points. There’s no need to be concerned about your property with us on your side as we handle every aspect of building inspection, including checks for termites, dilapidation, and electrical problems. No matter what your concern is, our inspectors are trained to put your mind at ease.

Our clients love how thorough we are, along with our professionalism and response time, so if you’ve already signed a contract, call us now to book an inspection ASAP. We’ll set something up fast to get you your report and allow you to take the next step in the property buying process.

Professional property inspections in Adelaide

Whether you need a commercial or domestic rental property inspected, or need an inspection on a property you’re looking into, you can rely on Wallace Building Inspections to get the job done.